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Marketplace Overview

IT Security demands are varied: Vulnerability Management, Regulation Assessment, IT Monitoring, Application Assessment, Malware Detection & Reduction etc..
Each Solution Vendor focuses on its domain. As a result, the customer wishing to cover all aspects of security must acquire several solutions. What makes the overall vision of security a hard task to achieve because of : Licenses pricing, Data Aggregation issues, Reporting Compatibility due to multiple deliverables, Different Support team Management, different payment plans, time and effort to benchmark vendors and so on.
By the concept of the Marketplace security, we have found the solution that so many customers have asked us during our various interventions.
COREvidence™ is the single one-stop shop in SaaS mode offering access to a various IT Security Integrated Solutions.
    • Multiple Network Vulnerability Scanners.
    • Automated Web Application & Web Services Scanners.
    • Regulatory & Standards Pre-Defined Scanning Templates.
    • Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking On-Demand Toolkit
    • VoIP Remote Security Scanner.
    • Technical and Organizational Self Assessment Questionaries (NIST, CIS, ISO27001, PCI DSS ...)
    • Frontal Resources Performance, Security and Malware Monitoring Tools.
    • Tools (Open Source & Commercial) Scans & Probes Import Capabilities.
    • IT Vulnerability and Tools Watch Service.
We are Always integrating More Services
  • Flexibility of use Based on Credit Plan.
  • Subscription Plans Tailored to SMB and Freelance Consultants.
  • Accurate Scans using Multiple APIs and Scan Engines.
  • Unlimited Scans & Monitoring of Fixed or Variable Assets.
  • Easy & Customizable Interface.
  • Consolided, Accurate & Unified Reports
  • Complete Spectrum of Vulnerabilities Database & Exploits Capabilities based on CVE, CWE, CVSS, CPE ...
  • OWASP based Web Application & Web Services Vulnerabilities Scanning.
  • Achieves Compliances with International Regulations and Standards (COBIT, ISO 27001, SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, SCAP, FDCC, NERC and more).
  • Import, correlate and display to dashboards all your IT Friendly-Probes raw results as OVAL, OpenVAS, Nessus, Nmap, Open SCAP and more.
  • Self-Assessment Questionaries and checklists for ISO 27001, PCI DSS v2.0, iSeries AS/400, CIS Benchmarks, NIST SCAP …
  • Collaborative Communication Channel to interact between all Stakeholders
  • Easy interpretation of Information Through Powerful Dashboards, Charts and NETpeas Patented Scoreboards. Metrics are compliant to CIS Security Metrics
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COREvidence™ is Ultimately the Smartest Move to Democratize the Security Mindset in your Company